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Virgin America Safety Video #VXsafetydance

I got some safety tips that you got to know. And trust me it’s something that you want to hear.

So honey zip your lips and enjoy the show before we move into the stratosphere.

So won’t you…


Buckle your seatbelt, put it on tight and keep your…


In that chair until we turn off that light.

Turn your electrical devices off as fast as you can.

And whatever you do.

Don’t make me ask you again.

So tonight, get ready to fly ‘cuz we’re gonna live it on up in the sky.
Virgin America knows all the places you wanna be.
Fly away with me, fly away with me, yeah.

For the 0.01 percent of you who have never operated a seatbelt before. Really?
I mean, it works like this. Insert the metal end into the buckle until it clicks and pull on the lose end to tighten making sure it fits low and tight across your lap.
There you go. To open, lift on the top of the buckle. And remember, seat belts should be fastened whenever you’re seated just in case of unexpected turbulence or weather conditions.
Personal electronic devices should be turn off and properly stowed during taxi, take-off and landing.
Laptops should be placed inside carry-ons or under the seat, not in seat back pockets or loose on the cushion next to you.
Nice try!
Your inflight team or the sign above will determine when electronics may or may not be used during flight.

Yo Yo Yo.
Now that you’re bopping your head to the rap scene.
Now that your eyes are glued to the flat screen.
If the cabin pressure’s changin’, you know that we won’t be, leavin’ you hangin’.
Pull your mask down first, don’t worry oxygen flows.
Tighten the straps after placing on your mouth and your nose.
If you’re traveling with someone, like a child for instance, put your mask on first before your offer assistance.

Now under your seat, there’s a life vest.

Life vest.

First class, it’s below your center armrest.
Remove the pouch, tear it open, place it over your head.
Are we coming in clear, did you hear what we said.
Buckle the white straps and tighten right around your waist.
Once off the plane, pull the handles and your vest will inflate.
If you vest doesn’t fill, honey no big deal.
Blow into the red tube and you’ve got a refill.
There’s a bright locator light and it’s right on your shoulder.
Thank you for your attention, this robot rap is over.

Just in case we must evacuate. We’ve got a plan of attack, we’ve got a plan of attack, four window exits on this airplane.

Over the wings.

Four exit door two in the front.

And two in the back.

Woooo oooooh

In the unlikely event we need to get you outside your exit is equipped with an inflatable slide.

Only door slides can be used as a flotation device. And if you need to find the exit you just follow the lights.

They’re at the base of the seats, they go from white and to red, but keep in mid the nearest exit door may not be ahead.

So look around and let us just remind you the nearest exit might be behind you.


Ok, so this one’s important for all you smokers out there. It’s never allowed here, so don’t you forget.

Don’t forget.

Federal law prohibits tampering, destroying disabling smoke detectors, so don’t touch that cigarette. Don’t you do it.

All right, it’s time for final cabin check. Make sure all carry-on bas are stowed away, tray tables and seats are in their upright and locked positions and all the electronic devices are completely shut off.

For additional safety information, check out the safety cards located in the seat pocket in front of you. Please read and review before we take off. FAA regulations require that all guests comply with the lighted information signs, posted placards and instruction of the in-flight team.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Now, enjoy your flight, and as always…

Thank you for flying Virgin America.

So tonight get ready to fly.
Cuz we’re gonna live it on up in the sky.
Virgin America knows all the places you wanna be.
Fly away with me, fly away with me.

Tonight, got ready to fly.
Cuz we’re gonna live it on up in the sky.
Virgin America knows all the places you wanna be.
Fly away with me, fly away with me, yeah.

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